In Loving memory of
Carlos de la Sancha (1985-2014)

I never imagined talking for a dear friend in this situation would be this hard, well i guess everything about him leaving was sad but still here i am and have the priviledge to fare him goodbye in the name of all of us. I remember one day Carlos wondered what would be like to hear this words, at his funeral.
An extremely intense person, he was a fierce advocate of anything he cared about and he never gave a step back defending such things. That included of course his family and friends, all of us who are now here at some point in time felt that im sure, and that is just my way of saying its just impossible not to miss him, to miss such way of caring with an intensity that felt like gravity.
I remember at some point he told me “every time you set your hearth to do something and don’t some piece of your soul breaks a little, you loose part of it”, those words haunts me to this day and he believed that to hearth, it was good being around him because everything felt worth caring about, an intensity like that is so rare nowadays, so rare.
even though i’m sad that he left us i know he died with his soul whole, he never compromised no matter how hard things got and that kinds of cheers me up a little, to think that he did lived the way he wanted.
Good bye friend you are profoundly missed.