The Garden Review
White onirical streams flowing

glowing through you

A calm​ and beautiful green ocean of serenity

Warmness in the bay of your senses

Ashore your mind, is the calm tide, oscillating

As the best metaphysical possibility [out of the current situation]

Tranquil and soft moons mirror a bright future

More and more stability in cozy places

Mind mathematics draw for a prosperous path.

Aura and dreams start meeting points with no loose ends

Now aware

And weary of the golden teacher

A growth towards a new root.

As you feel the cure surrounding every part of you​,​ you start to be ready for the next step.

The most important piece of knowledge in the process has already started.

​ ​ You have found a real and authentic way to heal in the midst of the kali yuga​

It is now a new sun, a new era, a new beginning